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Creepy places in the World

Creepy places in the World

1. Bermuda Triangle

Hearing the Bermuda Triangle of course everyone knows about the awesomeness that place. The mystery disappearance of some ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle region would make everyone terrified. There is also believed to be the dwelling place of Satan and is also believed to be the Bermuda Triangle UFO bases. The place is located between Miami, Bermuda and San Juan (Puerto Rico). The most interesting story is the loss of all bomber squadron in 1945 and the loss of several large vessels. Surprisingly, none of the bodies or the wreckage and found the ship. Even some of the tools noted electromagnet waves are odd in that place. Many people believe that the place was used as the headquarters of extraterrestrials.

2. Edinburgh

City pent Edinburg, south of Bridge which consists of intricate network of underground rooms, tunnel boats, and the gang has been wrapped in mystery and intrigue over the years. The city opened in 1788 but almost unknown, until 1985 the city was rediscovered. Believed to be in that place where life and death of thousands of people underground.

3. Lizzie Borden B & B

Scary ax murderer in a home-style Greek Masschusett about 50 miles south of Boston. The house was built in 1845 and made the kill Abby and Andrew Borden with an ax by their own children, Lizzi. Lizzi was never convicted of murder and is free of charge. The case has also not solved until now.

4. London

Under the ancient city of London, there are horror. The city was once believed to be a witness to atrocities with bone and blood littered the alley. Ghost Road London became the most hideous and be a special tour that followed the bloody footsteps of the legendary criminal Ther Jack the Ripper.

5. New York

On the streets of New York has long been the most bizarre. Usually the place is visited by over two million New Yorkers who costumed creepy. Other celebrations are interesting to visit is a celebration of Ghoulish Halloween Extravaganza and Procession contains Satan. St John the Divine which is the largest Gothic Cathedral in New York are also worth visiting.

6. Roswell

Some people believe that the wreckage that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 an alien spacecraft. And the Roswell incident was a controversy until now. Strenuous efforts of the U.S. government to cover up the facts, make a lot of parties who believe that there is something very important is being hidden. Many are convinced that Roswell is a historic place in the phenomena of UFOs and "visitors from outer space."

7. Salem

Salem City of Salem tragedy keeps the story in 1692. In that year many people were tortured and killed as being a witch even though there is no proof. Every October, the town of Salem is always a party to celebrate the mystery of the ghost in some places. One is the Witch House, which is the oldest building in Salem and is home to Jonathan Corwin, the judge who was responsible for the death of 19 women in Salem.

8. Savannah

Savannah is the oldest of the old town in Georgia. The city is believed to have a long history of violence and tragedy in the revolutions and bloody civil war. In fact it is also reflected in the buildings there are usually made a few centimeters above the ground. There, visitors will be invited pirate adventure at home which is very popular in recent centuries. Besides Marshall House 1851 that is believed to be caring for victims of the civil war.

9. Stanley Hotel

The hotel was built in 1909 in the mountains of Colorado. The hotel looks very impressive and has a very famous restaurant. But the hotel is also a mystery. As local residents believed that Flora Stanley, the owner first, often seen and heard his first wife who had died long ago, and even believed to often play the piano together. In addition, on the fourth floor of the hotel there is a dark room, and room number 217 is often seen a king's head.

10. Transylvania

The city is famous for its history of vampires. Blood-sucking is believed to have control of the city. Transylvania is also believed to be the birthplace of the world of darkness. The town is located in the western part of Romania is the home of Dracula. Bran Castle is a castle of the vampire in the 14th century is also an attractive place to visit. About 20 mile from the city of Brasov, in the shadow of Mount Bucegi, there is a house that once belonged to a Romanian prince who becomes a vampire.


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