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History of Glasses

History of Glasses

Just imagine if you or a friend who has a visual impairment (minus / plus) does not use glasses. Well, yeah it would be difficult to see objects that are far away / close. Eyeglasses are one of the most important discoveries in the history of the human race. Like what, the origin ditemukanya glasses? Let's find out ...

Islamic civilization has known, and find a lens over three hundred years earlier than the European society. The lens is also known in some civilizations such as the Roman, Greek, Hellenistic and Islamic. At that time, the lenses are not used for magnification, but for combustion. You do this by focusing sunlight on the lens focal / focal lens.

Glasses were first discovered around 3000 years ago by people in the old city of Nineveh, which at that time was as a magnifying glass function. The material used is also not a stone but a crystal glass lens. The development of new glasses then shot in the XII century in China and Europe. At that time, the ancient Greeks used a glass bulb filled with water as a magnifying glass.

Later in 1268 Roger Bacon, a British scientist, discovered reading glasses. And in the 1300s eyewear began to be produced with a manufacturing center in Venice. But the glasses when it has not been as it is now. Simple lens quality, and its use is also troublesome.

Various experiments were conducted to find the best and safest way to wear glasses. There were installing metal plates installed length from the nose to the middle of the head and then gets down to the neck. There is a small chain installed on both sides of the glasses and tied at the back of the head, such as goggles, glasses no longer linking to the cap.

There are taped nose so that the wearer should continue to hold. Until finally in 1727, the idea to put the stem so that the glasses can be attributed to the ear. Subsequent developments, in 1784 Benjamin Franklin had found bifokus glasses, which have a convex lens and a concave lens in a single frame. Until 1884 was also produced bifokus lenses are made from pieces, despite adhesive. It was only in 1908 and 1910 known convex and concave lenses that fully integrates in a single lens.

Glasses 18th century
Also participated in developing the lens material, the first of the quartz, then made glass lens. In 1970 discovered a plastic lens material as other materials for the manufacture of spectacle lenses. Finally, the more people who use glasses and kacamatapun developed with different types of frame models.

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