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10 Transport Innovation unique in the World

10 Transport Innovation unique in the World

1. Robot Pedal Bicycles for bike

Want to get around by bike? enjoy the breeze in the morning, but you are too lazy to pedal a bike? Relaxing is the answer, with this bike you do not need to pedal yourself, because this bike diayuh by robotic assistance. This robot will be behind you, you just need to ride the bike and let the robot do the job. Heavy bikes and robots around 200 pounds, so it does not light up, but it is a style - the attractive and frightening concept.

2. Human Monorail Transport

A monorail people can be controlled anywhere.
Currently only in a New Zealand theme park, monorail pedal consists of long rails with 'pod' individual hanging down, which can go up to 30 miles per hour.

3. View Vehicles

This is a car designed to look at the view.
For people who want to own a car but do not want menyetirnya myself, maybe this is the answer. With this car seat enough motorists and vehicles will run in the direction of your goals, with room for 7 passengers, and transparent walls that can see the view freely. The designer estimates that this car will be out by 2040 gan!

4. Solar Powered Luxury Car

With a very slim physically similar to other electric futuristic concept vehicle, BMW Lovos remains prominent in one major way: it has scales. Scale Solar, exactly, who serves as producer of wind-energy and air resistance brake. Created by Anne Forschner, a graduate of Pforzheim University in Germany, the concept of electric vehicles may not be the most practical or realistic ever designed, but it certainly has a unique look.

5. New Car Modifications Subaru

With a seriously upgraded suspension and engine supercharged Subaru can make it anywhere, there is no other possible Subaru: off-road, the snow and ice but this latest subaru named Subaru Impreza WRX STI majorly altered, created by the American rally car driver Ken Block , easily zips through the winter landscape and led the snowboard to further up the mountain.

6. Emission Car From Renault

While American cars are still debating the pros and cons of selling the all-electric vehicle, Renault's European brand made its debut with four electric cars at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. A family car and a five-passenger SUV "city car". All four cars will be available to be issued in 2012.

7. Folding Bikes

What could make it more environmentally friendly, but with two legs to walk alone and riding a bike. For people who live close to work, or live in a small apartment, bicycle transport would be ideal if it is compact enough practical bike. And the inventors were making bikes that can be stored folded and stored in the closet! Once folded, sepedapun can easily be drawn on the road with one end of his handlebars.

8. Robot Electric Car

Just like strollers in malls, stackable electric vehicles can be rented in the big cities and then returned to the kiosk to be refilled. CityCars very small, with room for two passengers and a minimal amount of luggage, and can be smaller than the parking lot. Created by researchers at MIT CityCar concept may come to U.S. cities faster because General Motors is currently working on a prototype.

9. Bicycle Anti Theft

These bikes can not be stolen, with a "fingerprint reader" that only allows the owner to ride it. This tire will never Bengkong. The bike looks futuristic designed by Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman remove many reasons for people to tidakmenggunakan to have a bike, but the price of this beautiful bike about $ 4,000. Currently only a concept, and expect Boardman bikes next 2 decades will be out on the market.

10. Segway vehicle

This is a concept vehicle with futuristik.Meskipun still just walking around 12mph and it took about an hour to recharge.

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