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The events unique in the World

The events unique in the World

almost no sense, but ..... this fact has happened and is banar facts.
if you want to know, look directly aja gan below .... complete with photos.
1. The baby survived thrown from seventh floor

World's most unique events
A baby girl 15 months unnamed survived when thrown from the seventh floor of an apartment building. He was lucky because a man immediately arrested.

Babies origin Capital Paris, France, was playing near the window with no supervision. When he fell the man saw him and ran as fast as lightning struck the boy. Mass around the scene estimated the man's rugby player, game balls from the United States.

2. Taliban training monkeys with AK-47

Taliban militants in Afghanistan have created an army of monkey mujahideen. No half-hearted, the monkey and the baboon's practice with AK-47 assault rifle to fire the U.S. military in 2010.

This incident made many people wonder. Even the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) took to investigate the case.

3. The steward stops working when the plane is in the air

Action is really strange but actually happened. The man named Steven Slater, JetBlue flight attendant profession as the flights between the states in the United States decided to quit his job despite the fact that it was the middle iron bird took off.

Steven from the city of Pittsburgh, State of Pennsylvania, opened the emergency door and jump directly using rubber launcher. He stopped working because of a fight with one passenger. Before doing the action, he first took the microphone and cursing passengers.

4. Triplets is 11 years old

This is probably the most bizarre events ever happened universal mother from Birmingham City, England, named Lisa Shepherd. She gave birth to triplets, but the last baby apart within 11 years of her siblings.

The three children were named Bethany and Megan was born in 1998, while in the midst of their twin Ryleigh emerging into the world three years ago.

According to the doctors to handle the birth of the triplets, Bethany and Megan have a strong embryo to survive and was born just in time. While embryonic Ryleigh weak to be frozen 11 years and finally he was born in 2010.

5. Shot in the head and found out five years later

An unnamed German man did not know if he had been shot in the head on New Year's Eve 2004 because very drunk.

The man realized a .22 caliber bullet embedded in the head in 2009. It was by accident when he went to the doctor with a stomach complaint.

He admitted that night as a heavy object hit in the head. But he thought it was not something that matters.

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