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10 figure-Campus Ghost diampus Most Popular in Indonesia

10 figure-Campus Ghost diampus Most Popular in Indonesia

It is common knowledge that the university building often be one of the locations where the creepy ghost appears. May even believe it or not, almost every college has its own ghost story.

It also happens in Indonesia. As a country with many young people, it is definitely the number of universities in Indonesia so much. And unique each campus has its own ghost story.

Hmm, it's things like this is to believe not believe. What is clear is whatever it is, here's 10 of the most famous ghost of the colleges in Indonesia that we collect from students stories / i in the campus area as well as several other sources. Believe?

1. Ghost Face Average - UB Malang
For you students of UB, ghost face flat in the vicinity of the library and the School of Medicine is one of the famous and even legendary. Never one occasion, a student who goes near it at night after campus activities saw the figure of a man sitting alone in silence. Unfortunately, when students turned and looked closer, someone who met his gaze it has no eyes, mouth, nose flat on her face aka.

2. Girl Hanging Yourself - UI Jakarta
Again, the victims were students or faculty who are on campus until the evening. Many stories mention that do not pass through the building's University of Indonesia during the night? Because there is often a girl hobbling with his head drooping. Horror, she was just silent running and if observed his face pale with eyes bulging, bluish lips and tongue hanging out like a corpse hanging himself.

3. Ghost Without Legs - UM Malang

Some students of the State University of Malang certainly never knew this story. Once there was a student who uses wifi service until the evening around the area of ​​the garden of the Faculty of Letters Department of Fine Arts. His friend who was across the park told the girl to leave it over the phone. Then suddenly there was the sound man who also told her to go home. The girl realized the figure of the man when the pen fell down and saw that the man's body floating in the abdomen without legs. With the well-known saying, "You want to go home because it was late, what because you already know??"

4. Floating Ghost Head - UGM Jogja

The story of the woman with the head floating just has to be one story in the Faculty of Geography of the University of Gajahmada Jogja. Often at a crossroads near the building Kaliurang existing Master of Management campus woods and ditches Mataram with ghostly white figure floating head. Hmm, if you do not believe please see for yourself ya!

5. Ghost corpse - UK Maranatha Jakarta
Once there was a student who was forced to return to the lab to pick up a suit alma mater as the necessity test the next day. The student met an old man who strangely answer 49 questions for a medical exam tomorrow. The next day the students answer the questions according to the leaked exam answers given old man. But how shocked he was when at about the 50 figure set photo cadaver (dead body) with the face of an old man who has just overnight leak test answers for him.

6. Kuntilanak - UNDIP Semarang
Many Diponegoro University students majoring Fisip know the story of the legendary ghost ya-ya porters room B101. Prior to becoming a great and storied as it is now, the room was only made up of one level to the theaters and classrooms as gatekeepers known as kuntilanak figure. For you who do not believe, a user id Undip student named dbjandxt mention that figure Shinchan has the answers to the questions the ghost. Either may believe it or not.

7. Ghost Nosy - Airlangga University Surabaya
In the building of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Airlangga often caught ghost figures that often appear in the time between Maghrib and Isha or above before 11 pm. Figure as 'they' that holds the foot of a sudden drop or a pair of mysterious figures who look and disappeared into a common thing. Are you interested in the streets here?

8. Ghosts student - Gunadarma Jakarta
E in the University campus parking Gunadarma often regarded as one of the points you shoot balls. Once there are two students who want to go home tonight and take the bike. Then saw the woman behind the glass that should be there is a dark room and it is locked. Hiiy, imagine it is very creepy.

9. Kuntilanak Tamansari - ITB Bandung
This location is not located in the complex Institus Technology Bandung. There's just the street in front of the campus called the Castle which was deserted and dark. Some people claim to see the figure of a woman with long hair just stood there and stared horror toward anyone passing by. Want to prove? This is for you.

10. Next person - IPB Bogor
Ghost the next popular among female dorm Bogor Institute of Agriculture. Once, when a group of female students gossiping in the room, they diketok and a voice from outside said that the knock was next. when a student opened the door, how surprised and frightened her that the person who knocked on the door it was really only have next to the body. Oh, it's spooky!

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