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German Airship Hindenburg explosion

German Airship Hindenburg explosion

Exploding and burning of the Airship Hindenburg (LZ-129) on May 6, 1937 in a time of one minute in Lakehurst New Jersey USA is an event recorded in the history of world aviation. 35 lives were, of the total 97 passengers who boarded the Hindenburg .. Disaster was recorded by a camera that happens to be at the crash site, movies and pictures incident soon made headlines in newspapers American newspapers and news media. Many theories about the cause of the incident was the burning Hindenburg, among others, some say due to static electricity and some think gas leak, and so forth. Zappelin at that time was a flying vehicle that is phenomenal, because with this Zapellin made as if to fly passengers on the ship, which felt another sensation by sensation that we feel when boarding a plane to fly faster.
Hindenburg is a very large flying vehicle in the amount exceeds a Boeing 747 jumbo jet as well as the legendary ship Titanic. With a length of 245 meters, a diameter of 41 meters, the largest at that time. Her interior is roomy, and provided the platform for passengers look look out, there is also a place to smoke that it means Airship has been tested for its safety factor, there is also a post office, a cafeteria, and a decent room minimalist room for long haul flights translantik. Hindenburg to be filled with helium gas but the U.S. military embargo on helium forced the Germans to use flammable hydrogen gas as the gas flotation, it is then a matter of his future. Hydrogen is odorless, and to detect leaks Germans would outsmart her by mixing with the aroma of garlic, to be in the know when there is a leak. But what happened from all the passengers who survived sam did not feel the smell of garlic in the moments before the incident. Hindenburg name itself is taken from the German President Paul von Hindenburg.

Passengers used the bridge to see the view out the plane

Comparison of Graf Zeppelin with RMS. Titanic and B 747 Jumbo Jet

The luxurious dining room

Zeppelin made a nice lounge to relax

The playroom Piano

Designated Smoking Area

Special room staff and cabin crew Zeppelin

Passenger room

The rooms were comfortable for relaxing lobby

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