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10 sophisticated weapons destruction

10 sophisticated weapons destruction

1.Aurora Excalibur

This weapon is an unmanned aircraft that operate with take off and land vertically. The aircraft can reach speeds of 460 mph (740 kmh) and can carry missiles to be fired. This aircraft can do all things through remote control. Excalibur successfully tested in June 2009.

XM-25 grenade 2.Peluncur

This weapon is capable of firing 25 grenades at any distance, the distance can be set and programmed user. This new weapon combines the ability to shoot and computers. According to rumors, the XM-25 will be used in Afghanistan this month.


Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Pentagon develop future laser weapon known as the High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System. The laser system is made as short as possible in order to be mounted on tactical aircraft without affecting the performance of the mission. The laser is powerful enough to shoot down rockets, missiles, and other ordnance. Test level four weapons was scheduled to be done this year.

4.Kamuflase Future, Metaflex

Future Metaflex Camouflage, Scottish scientists develop camouflage by creating a material called Metaflex. This material saperti disappear Harry Potter robe. Users will be invisible because Metaflex materials bend light when he reached the surface. Cloak lost it tested this year and could potentially be used as a defense weapon.

5.The Free Electron Laser

Navy (Navy) are devising other laser systems that can shoot down rockets and missiles attacking the ship. There is no limit to the use of this laser when the target is not tracking, sensor, information exchange, and a target. The initial design was completed in March of weapons and weapon prototypes available in March 2012.


Military United States (U.S.) tested a version of the Railgun in 2008. This weapon can accelerate the speed of the projectile to 2.4 kmh (seven times the speed of sound). Perfect version of this weapon will be ready between the upcoming 2020-2025

Synthetic 7.Organisme BioDesign

DARPA issued a grant of U.S. $ 6 million (USD 53.7 billion) project to create the micro-organisms 'are programmed to live forever'. Microorganisms contain molecules that help to survive, and can be used to kill only the flick of a switch. Debut of this weapon are still unknown. (Bio Design Synthetic Organisms).

China's 8.Senjata Killer

AL China developing 'murder weapon' that has the ability to target and destroy U.S. aircraft. This anti-ballistic missiles to attack U.S. aircraft at a distance of two thousand miles. Maneuverability makes it unpredictable missile able to avoid radar. Debut weapon is unknown.

9.Hybrid Insect MEMS (HI-MEMS)

HI-MEMS consists of a half insect and half machine. First, micro-mechanical systems inside the insects are placed during metamorphosis. Insects operates like a remote control car. HI-MEMS will be used to collect information using sensors, such as a microphone or a gas detector. Debut is unknown weapon

10.Sistem DREAD Silent Weapon

Silent Weapons System DREAD (DREAD Silent Weapon System) has the capability of firing 120 thousand rounds per minute. This weapon is fully electric driven, not gunpowder. This means the weapon will not be silent and there would be no heat. Debut weapon is unknown.

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