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5 Hand Phone Jadul popular in World

5 Hand Phone Jadul popular in World

A cell phone is already popular in Indonesia since the late 90s. Long before the era of the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android, there are a lot of HP-HP and master emerging mobile phone market at the time. Well, in case you forgot or maybe even a new born at the time, MBDC will invite you to reminisce, remember back 5 cell phones that ever so popular in his day!

5. Nokia 3210

Thin and replaceable cover, the Nokia 3210 is one of the most popular mobile phone in his time. He said this is also one of the best-selling mobile phone of all time you know. Nokia 3210 is also the first mobile phone antenna in the palace. Nokia 3210 so popular until-until there is a guessing game inspired by HP's: Mobile what could be a bomb? 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... 0 Duars!! Anjrit, in 2000 abis becandaannya.

4. Ericsson T10

Before they merged together Sony, Ericsson is making HP itself. One of their most popular HP is T10, an HP flip the colors. But different from the same Nokia 3210, they cover not replaceable. So if you want a collection of all the colors, you have to buy all of his cell phone.

3. Nokia 8210

At the time, the Nokia 8210 is the phone that the smallest and most lightly. So small, HP is using that is really hard for SMS, let alone the same people who thumb big. HP used to be one expensive and I think you're just my friends have decent HP's richest.

2. Motorola RAZR

Once Nokia is HP's most popular. But in design, Nokia not always the most sexy. Well, here's where the Motorola RAZR entry. Compared to Nokia, RAZR features weve not as good as the HP-HP Nokia. But in terms of form, the RAZR is emang cool. So thin and elegant impression. People who are overly market Nokia, Motorola RAZR usual flight to this. Though HP's actually this one is not bad market at the time.

1. Nokia 5110

And this is the first mobile phone a million people. Nokia 5110 is one of the first HP cover can be changed, so all those who have a cell phone can have a unique cover. But the change-change feature is actually ordinary cover aja. The most special of the Nokia 5110 actually is because the Nokia 5110 had Snake game! This is a popular mobile game ages ago, long before the era Angry Birds. Now keliatannya is sad, but the past, the high score Snake can affect the social status you know.

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