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The fact unique facts behind the crusade (crusader)

The fact unique facts behind the crusade (crusader)

1. Richard the Lion heart, known as the King of England, and ridiculous he can not speak English. Since childhood she has always been in France. He was born in England just ride. In fact it is said, he is more proficient in Arabic than English.

2. King Richard was in England in the reign only for 11 months. Queen, Queen Berengaria of Navarre, not even been to Britain at all. Therefore Richard was also known as "The Absent King

Koleksi Foto Model Sexy Richa Warsito3. Because of disbelief with fellow expedition motivational crusade, King Richard once said: "I'm more willing to Jerusalem led by a Muslim sage and warrior spirit than the Holy City fell into the hands of the barons of Europe who are only after personal wealth"

4. At an event at the battle of Jaffa, while the cavalry Crusaders feel the fatigue, Richard himself led the spears against the Muslims. Saladin was at his side almost in awe. When she saw Richard's horse fell under him, instantly Sultan sends handyman horse into battle with two horses are still fresh for the brave King of England.

5. There is also a story about Richard who entered Jerusalem in disguise and dinner with Saladin: they actually be friendly to each other. In a series of conversations, he asked the Sultan of how the vision of the King of England. Saladin replied that Richard mengunggulinya more in the nature of courage as a warrior, but sometimes she tends to waste it with too hasty nature in battle. Meanwhile, according to Richard, Saladin was too moderate in strengthening the values ​​of chivalry, even in battle

6. When there is one rebel warlord Saladin, Richard killed him and handed on Saladin's head and said, "I do not want people to confuse this" game "our little". And the next day they fought fiercely.

7. Never in a battle, he saw that the blunt sword of Saladin and he stopped the war that day to give the opportunity to hone Saladin

8. One day, Richard ill. Hearing the news, Saladin sends best doctor to treat him. When will we be able to get the leader of the Muslims who have morals like Salahuddin?

9. The Europeans were initially called Muslims as barbarian, but the result of the intensive contacts crusade, they gradually realize that the real barbarians are them. If judging from the high cultural civilization and knowledge at the time of the Muslims.

10. According to historical records, at the time of the crusades, all women and prostitutes expelled out of the Crusaders camp. The entire Crusaders must be pure bodily, free from passion. But there is one group of women who freely in and out of the Crusaders camp clothes washer. Even if a group washerwoman would travel between cities, they were guarded by an army of knight, and followed the infantry. If the convoy is attacked, the safety of the washerman's no.1. When Muslim armies captured, the washerwoman's more respected than the ordinary soldier. To the extent that Richard the Lion Heart was also willing to pay for rations for the washerwoman

11. When Frederick Barbarossa (grandfather Emperor Frederik II) died on the third crusade expeditions, many knights who think that this is the will of God, and many joined the Muslims. Then the remaining carrying the bodies of Barbarossa headed to Jerusalem with the notion later Barbarosa will be reborn.

12. German Emperor Frederick II, had a special relationship with Sultan Malik of Egypt in the crusade V. He felt at that time (age dark ages), the only one comparable to him in the matter of culture and personality are the princes of the royal Muslim. Hence his rather eccentric style (she polygamy, when a Catholic is not the case).

13. When forced to participate in the crusade, Frederick II captured Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth without drawing a drop darahpun. Although actually he was just hired to 3 cities from his friend the sultan Malik of Egypt

14. Ever happens Frederick II hit pastors into the mosque and warned me not to do it again. While al-Malik had advised the Knight Templar to kill Frederick II at pengawalannya being loose. Knowing this, al-Malik immediately told Frederick II in order to get out of there because the situation is "dangerous".

15. The defeat of the Arab forces more often because they called for an open attack against European heavy cavalry. Where is the discipline and experience of volunteers Jihad fighter was out of combat veterans in particular European military orders like the Templars, Hospitallers and Teutonic Knight.

16. The defeat of the Crusaders were generally the result of strong insubordinasi or less a single command in the army consisting of different elements of the barons and the military order of real mutual dislike of each other. In addition, in some defeats, the mercenaries (mercenary) and European volunteers are often too quick to leave his line to plunder the cities of Islam that almost conquered. It made the Muslims who actually cornered able to counter-attack

17. Khwaraziman Turkish troops were attacked jerusalem in 1244 when it was controlled by the descendants of genghis khan, Eljigidei. The funny part of this force is predominantly Buddhist army commanders even Hulegu khan is also a Buddhist.

18. Actual delivery of the Crusader wrong address, the Seljuk Turks were much bother the Christian pilgrimage to Jerusalem was expelled by the caliph of Egypt. But the length of travel and the information poor make Crusader leaders do not hear a change of power in Jerusalem.

19. Cossack cavalry elite division in Russia and Musketer riding in France because of his success inspired the Arab cavalry archers. Not only as a cavalry troop sayab but a special forces

20. Build an army of knights enormous cost. A king even in the Middle Ages most only have about 100-300 Full Knight with Heavy Horse who served under his command on a full - time. Usually the kings will gather all Knight under the duke and the barons when facing a great battle.

21. The Knights are generally young nobles who have no inheritance rights. At the time, such as nobles, anywhere, wealth and power of the father is only inherited by his eldest son, but the level in which the king or wealthy baron's son to two to three are likely to inherit the estate of the county or a small castle. Sons who are not or are less commonly as a teenager has a wealth honed skills to the war. They are then at a certain age (15-16 years) at the inauguration of a knight by the king or baron where he served.

22. There is a rule that is never broken by both sides during the crusade. That fact Chivalry Nobility or applicable law in the middle ages that the king should not kill fellow king. Especially when captured. One of the knights and the code of ethics of the noble families is they never kill or orang2 of gentility who surrendered / captured in battle. However, especially for the religious-military orders such as the Templars, Hospitallers and Teutonic in the Crusades, that rule does not apply to the noble / aristocratic Muslim. Except in special circumstances or special orders get Crusader leader who got a direct mandate from the Pope. In the Arab tradition, a king among kings abstinence kills. It is applied when he did not kill Saladin Guy of Lusignan, king of the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem when it managed to win the battle of Hattin

23. Saladin had violated Islamic ethics and laws of war that he always cherished when he executed all the prisoners of the Knights Templar and Hospitaller when he won the battle of Hattin. While Richard The Lion Heart also had violated the code of conduct and ethics Noble Chivalry as he executes his 2000 Saladin captured soldier at the gate Acre / Akko

24. If all this we hear that Saladin was the commander who politely, then one of the chief mamluk Baybars is a fierce commander. No less fierce when it comes to suicide-murder as Crusaders. If the Crusaders under the leadership of Richard ever put to death all Muslim prisoners in Aacre, Baybars forces also killed all the Christians in Acre, including priests and women. He even sent a letter to the commander of the Crusaders to recount details of the massacre in his letter. Baybars even to make the desert acre so that in the future difficult to be base Crusaders again.

25. When the siege of Acre, siege weaponnya Baybars use other than as a destroyer of heavy weapons over long distances, as well as weapons and biological psychology. Weapons not only his slingshot catapult stones at the city, but also the bodies of the enemy, prisoners of the children who are still living and dead animals such as horses, camels, etc.. In medieval times it was often referred to as 'humor artillery'. But Baybars do more intensive and horrible.

26. Due to disease infestation wahn (love of the world and fear of death). Maka.Shalahuddin then initiated a festival named to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. The goal is to grow and awaken the spirit of the struggle. This festival completely assessed nabawiyah sirah (history of prophet) and atsar (word) friends, especially those associated with the values ​​of jihad. The festival lasts for two consecutive months. The results are incredible. Many Muslim youths who signed up for the jihad of liberating Palestine. They were ready to follow military education.

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