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10 ads fiercest competition in the world

10 ads fiercest competition in the world

1. FedEx vs DHL

White truck has long been an icon for the FedEx brand. And what about the yellow truck, if we may guess that the fierce advertising aimed at DHL.

2. Pepsi vs. Coke

No doubt, Pepsi and Coca - Cola is the most successful brands in the world. Introduced in 1886 and 1903, respectively, the two became rivals each other trying to dominate the carbonated soft drink market. trying to lead each other.

3. Burger King vs. McDonald's

Unhealthy competitive ad is not allowed in all countries. But sometimes, companies - some companies break by making unhealthy competitive advertising in disguise. Vague but true. As this ad, which shows a clear example of rivalry between Burger King and McDonalds.

4. Audi vs BMW

Ad war going on there - here, they seek to create and get the perspective of the best products in the eyes of consumers than its rivals. This is not surprising, because the perspective of a product can influence sales.

Tagline on the picture reads "This is what happens if you do not have Quattro". Imaging was trying to get the perspective of the Audi RS 4 is better than the BMW M3.

5. Pepsi vs Coca - Cola

Another example of soft drinks ad wars. Buy "Coca - Cola is located on the second floor" Pepsi replied "There's where - where".

6. Diet Coke vs. Starbucks

7. BMW vs Mercedes

Cars - BMW branded Mercedes transported by truck.

8. Jet Airways vs Kingfisher Airlines

Jet Airways, is one of the leading airlines in India, announced to their customers that they have changed. Kingfisher Airlines to advertise under their billboards that read "We made them change."

9. Hindu vs The Times of India

Recent ad war between the print media giant Hindu and Times of India. Hindus want to show that their message clearer, more relevant and more clever.

10. Heineken vs Do not Drink and Drive campaigns

Heineken beverage billboards, campaign mounted beside the warning "Do not drink and drive".

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