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10 Stress at work that make the World

10 Stress at work that make the World

Almost most of people have felt in the face of job stress. But did you know that there are types of work that do have higher levels of stress that often makes depression?

"There are certain aspects in any work that contribute to or exacerbate depression. Persons with high-risk job stress can control the stress if they want to take care of themselves and get the help they need," says Deborah Legge, PhD, a mental health counselor in Buffalo, New York.
As quoted from the Health, follows 10 jobs with the highest stress levels.

1. Nurse and Elderly Babysitter
Reported nearly 11% of people in the two areas is severely depressed with the proportion of 13% among the unemployed and 7% in the general population. Every day, these two jobs are required to feed, bathe and care for people - mostly - are not able to express gratitude or appreciation for being too ill or too young. "This is a stressful, seeing people sick and do not get positive support," said Christopher Willard, a psychologist at Tufts University and author of 'Child's Mind'.

2. Waiter
Generally, work is getting low wages, exhausting and always governed by a lot of people about what to do every day. A total of 10% waitress was very depressed in the past year, and hampi 15% of women do this job. "It's a thankless job. People can be harsh and the job requires a lot of physical exertion. When people are depressed it will be difficult to get the energy and motivation when needed," says Deborah Legge.

3. Social Worker
Interacting in a long time with the children who are abused or troubled families, often makes people depressed by this work. Not to mention, social workers are required to work for 24 hours. "As a social worker to work with people who really need them, it is very difficult not to sacrifice much for this job. I see a lot of social workers are easily ignited emotions," said Willard.

4. Workers in the Health Sector
This work includes doctors, nurses, therapists and other professionals who provide assistance to many others, but often forget themselves. Works such as these have long working hours and indeterminate. In addition, work is burdened by the fact that the safety of others is in their hands.

"Every day, they saw a lot of sick people, trauma, death and dealing with patients' families. It can affect a person's overall view that the world is a sad place."

5. Artist, Entertainer and Author
It usually does not get a regular wage, erratic working hours and are often isolated from social life. Creative people have a high level of mood disturbance, and about 9% of people reported experiencing depression.

"One thing I see a lot of experience in the entertainers and artists is bipolar disorder. Maybe there is a diagnosis of untreated mood disorders in people who are artistic. Depressive disorder often found in those who are interested in working in the arts. Their lifestyle also contributes for that, "said Legge.

6. Teacher
The demands on teachers seem to continue to grow. Not only teaching, they are also required to correct the student assignment after work. According to Willard, the job is a lot of pressure from many different parties. For example, from the students, parents and the school. All have different standards.

7. Administrative Staff
People in this line of work is in the front line, got a request from the crowd, but they are in the lowest levels for power. Many administrative staff who feel that his work was not recognized as work that makes other people's lives. This makes them feel overwhelmed.

8. Officers Repair
People with this new job works when something is broken or not running properly. They also must work with an erratic schedule and not infrequently often gets late-night shift. Although their work is quite a lot of energy, including small wages. "They often get risky and dangerous job," said Willard.

9. Financial Adviser
Many people who do not like dealing with them because of financial savings and stressful. Imagine if you had to deal with thousands or millions of money for someone else. According to Legge, there are so many responsibilities when managing the finances of others. When clients lose money, they will be condemned many people.

10. Sales Staff
Many people who work in this field earns how much of their sales. That is, they do not know exactly how much money they'll get in the next month. Quite often the sales staff live far away from family and friends because they have to spend much time outside the home or stay different cities.

"The uncertainty of income, tremendous pressure to get results, and a long time to make these high-risk job stress," said Legge.

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