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5 Most Attractive Swimming Pool in the World

5 Most Attractive Swimming Pool in the World

Swimming pool is certainly not unusual following a general pool because the pool 5 is built with the unusual concept so they can make a different sensation for whom to swim in the pool below the pond renag curious what wrote it see below.
5 swimming pools most interesting and unique in the World

1. Swimming Pool Largest / Longest

Most Attractive Swimming Pool in the World
Biggest pool in the world according to the Guinness World Book of Records is located in a resort called San Alfonso del Mar, Chile. The length of this pool reaches 1,000 meters and its depth reaches 35 meters.

No wonder it took a lot of water for filling swimming pools, which is around 250 million liters of water. Wow! Cool again, the water used to fill the pool was taken out of the water in the Pacific Ocean are filtered and processed first.

2. Swimming Pool Terseram

Overview of a swimming pool worth 1.8 billion dollars available at The Golden Nugget may look ordinary. But if we look more closely, in the pool, there are three levels of water slides, waterfalls, and a large aquarium containing sharks.

A thrilling, we can swim in the shark aquarium, of course with special precautions. Hopefully strong enough to accommodate the aquarium's sharks yah?

3. Swimming Pool darkest

It was very fitting that this pool is called the dark pool. Because the pool is located in the limestone dome, 17 meters below ground. The pool temperature within the cave is always kept warm, around 35 degrees Celsius.

Because this underground pool is located around the ski area in Homestead Centre, Utah. Interestingly, the pool water is rich in minerals, you know!

4. Deepest Swimming Pool

No wonder Nemo 33 pool located in Uccle, Belgium is famous for being the deepest pools. You see, the most in the pool reaches 32 meters. Wah! We can survive not ya, if swim there? Do not worry, because this place is one of the largest scuba diving training in the world.

So, we can all learn to dive here. Moreover, there are two levels before we reach the deepest point, the depth of 5 meters and 10 meters.

5. Swimming Pool most sophisticated

There are many interesting stories about the swimming pool floating on the river Spree, Berlin, Germany this. Swimming pool Badeschiff meaning 'ship to shower' is, made from old cargo containers and unused.

Sophistication of the pool can be used in all seasons and weather. In the summer, the pool is an outdoor pool and a lot of parties are often held here. But, in winter, the cover pool will be raised to the indoor pool and sauna to warm the body added.

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