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10 Most Bizarre Museums in the World

10 Most Bizarre Museums in the World

Not all of the museum presents the history or cultural heritage of the past. Several museums actually carries strange objects and make the viewer cringe. As the museum is in the following list.

1. Kriptozoologi Museum International, United States

In general kriptozoologi can be defined as the study of animals whose existence has not been proven. This includes the study of extinct animals or animals that have never seen his form, but which appear in myths or legends.

So in this museum you can see the custom form Bigfoot animal, Mermaid and Chupacabra, a blood-sucking goat myth often heard in South America.

2. Brotmuseum, Germany

You a fan of bread? Then you should be taking the time to visit the museum this one. In the museum there are 18 000 sculpture exhibit showing the process of making bread. Ranging from the traditional bread making is known about 6000 years ago to the modern semi.

It may not sound exciting, but knowing that thousands of years our ancestors have been able to make delicious meals that are passed up to now, of course, awesome. Unfortunately the museum does not provide a sample of the traditional bread to taste visitors.

3. The Museum of Bad Art

Do not be afraid that other people consider ugly painting. In fact, there is a museum which displays many works of art that are considered 'ugly'.

The Museum of Bad Art was founded in 1994 by antique dealer Scott Wilson after he showed his friends a new painting he 'rescued' from the trash. Thanks to the advice of his friends, Wilson eventually collect artwork is wasted into a museum called Museum Of Bad Art. Marie Jackson, the co-founder, said that the museum was established to honor the work of artists who fail in a way that luxury.

4. Museum Dog Chain

Millions of dog lovers to visit the museum located at Leed Castle, England each year. This museum holds a collection of dog chains since the 15th century in England. Most of the collection at the time a dog leash made of iron and nail to protect the dog from the attack of other animals.

5. Lingerie Museum

Women may need to thank the Frederick Mellinger, inventor of the push-up bra that can make some women appear more confident. Since it was first established in 1947, owned a clothing business in Frederick is growing rapidly and becoming one of the brands of underwear to California at the time.

Frederick later founded The Lingerie Museum featuring a collection of the development of women's underwear from bras, panties, corsets, to the collection of underwear ever worn by celebrities. One famous collection is sharp corset and bustier that Madonna's use of Marilyn Monroe in the film HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE.

6. Avanos Hair Museum, Turkey

The story of this museum began 30 years ago, where the Avanos has a renowned potter named Chez Galip. At that time, one of the female friends had to leave Avanos Galip. To dispel sadness, Galip friend cut her hair and put it in a pottery jug made Galip.

Since then, women who visited a pottery shop owned Galip and found out about this story helped sympathize and join his hair cut and paste on the wall complete with address. After many years, eventually collected more than 16 thousand kinds of hair women from all over the world.

Every June and December, the first buyer at the store Galip will have the opportunity to select the 10 women who were lucky to win vacation packages in Cappadocia, Turkey from Galip plus bonus pottery making courses free of charge.

7. Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum

Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum is a museum that contains a collection of packs of instant noodles and cup noodles. The museum is located in the vicinity Ikeda Station, Hankyu-Takarazuka Line. No need to pay an entrance fee, visitors can see the development of instant noodles from the World War II era to the present.

Interestingly, the visitors can also stop by the museum in the kitchen and make a bowl of instant noodles according to their tastes.

8. The Museum of Enduring Beauty, Malaysia

 Beauty is pain is true. Yes, the phrase that many sacrifices made to be beautiful this is proven fact. Many women are willing to suffer physically in order to look beautiful, and the museum record.

The objective of establishing this museum is to raise awareness of the different perspectives of beauty from time to time. For example, in China, at the end of the Tang dynasty known notion that beautiful women are women who have small feet. To get small feet, the baby girl's mother foot binding them with a cloth so that when I grew up they had small feet which is about 10-15 cm only.

9. Kunstkamera Museum, Russia

 Kunstkamera Museum is one of the most famous museums in Russia. Not only because the museum is the first museum in Russia, but also because a strange collection. How could it not strange, that the collection consists mainly of preserved creatures born with unusual physical shape?.

Not only that, this museum also keeps a variety of tools such heinous torture punishment chair full of nails and drill head. Apparently the museum was founded by Peter the Great to eliminate the fear of human monsters. Viewing an existing collection, it looks like it does not need monsters to cringe ...

10. Siriraj Medical Museum, Bangkok

People are more often referred to Siriraj Medical Museum as the Museum of Death. The name was not wrong, because the museum holds some skeletons, preserved fetus or body part that died due to various reasons. For example, in this museum you will discover how human lungs damaged by the puncture of a psychopath, brain bleeding and other limbs are mutilated.

Apart from the awful collection, the museum is actually set up for medical purposes. The museum is located at Siriraj Hospital consists of several parts including the medical museums are museums of anatomy, pathology, traditional Thai medicine and toxicology museum. In 2008, Siriraj Museum also displays photographs of medical personnel action Siriraj Hospital when the 2004 tsunami that hit Asia.

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