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The World's First President Refuse paid.

The World's First President Refuse paid.

FERNANDO LUGO MENDEZ not rolling in money tycoons or politicians. Former bishop is only a puppy social worker. But really unexpected, socialists who studied the teachings of Pancasila is even refusing a salary as President of Paraguay, who announced on the night before his inauguration, Friday, August 16 last year. Lugo's decision is the greatest miracle in the world of politics, the history of democracy in the universe. Alone he fought the currents prevailing in all countries, including the U.S., where the president gave the privilege and the opportunity to enrich themselves and the group. Lugo astonishing decision has been warmly welcomed by thousands of supporters. However, Ecuador's President Rafael Correa warned anxiously, "Once Lugo began to change many things, the attack will begin." Attack is going to come from the capitalists, including political forces are oriented to the U.S.. It is no coincidence that all the Latin American socialist leaders attended the inauguration of Fernando Lugo, who was simple in the capital Asuncion .. They are united by the spirit of anti-American, or at least stand up to and say NO to the country's super power. Instead countries led by the pro-American conservative politicians, namely Mexico, Colombia, Peru, just send an envoy. The wing socialist president who attended the inauguration of the "president of the poor", among others, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Brazil), Cristina Kirchner (Argentina), Michelle Bachelet (Chile), Evo Morales (Bolivia) and Rafael Correa (Ecuador). Their presence made the inaugural celebration of the resurrection is a kind of new-style socialism in Latin American soil. Fernando Lugo, 56, won Paraguay's presidential election in April. Previously he worked as a Catholic bishop in poor areas with neighboring countries Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia that. He got permission for a temporary leave from the Vatican, won the election and became the first bishop in the world who has won the presidential election. Paraguay president smaller salary than the salary DPR-RI DID you how much the salary of a president in Paraguay? According to news agency Associated Press, the president of Paraguay salary amounted to U.S. $ 4,000 or about Rp.37 million per month. Very small compared to members of the House of Representatives salary, amounting to Rp.49 million per month. And smaller again than the salary of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono about Rp.150 million per month. By refusing to pay, Bung Karno admirers thought this would really be a volunteer in Paraguay power. Lugo will be the only head of state in the world that pure aka volunteer work without remuneration. Incredible! Indeed, he rose to the pinnacle of power in the country, thanks to the support of the poor, especially the landless farmers and labor unions. Perhaps his decision was the most obvious manifestation of solidarity to the poor, which reached 35.6 percent of the total population. Fernando Lugo's noble action fits very well with the campaign slogan Sutrisno Bachir: because life is an act. Now turn Sutrisno and other Indonesian leaders to follow the example of concrete action Lugo: because life is real action! Life is to serve ... PARAGUAY landless farmers are the poorest country in Latin America. The country's main income comes from agricultural products, especially soybeans and derived products accounted for more than half its exports, which in 2007 reached 2390 million U.S. dollars. Economic growth rate is actually pretty good, which is 6.4 percent per year. With a population of "only" 6.5 million people, the country with an area of ​​406,762 square km is supposed to be prosperity for its people. However, due to mismanagement of the country; was ruled by dictatorship for 39 years, rampant corruption and nepotism, and more than a third of the population is landless farmers; then the label of the poorest countries in the region had assumed. Trials on the first day in power: medicine and fuel TRIUMPH Lugo disappeared from the market a surprise party had ended the dominance of Colorado for 61 years in that beautiful country. But it is not impossible, "Golkar" Paraguay will be his return to power, if the coalition government led anarchism Lugo failed to dampen the euphoria arising from a poor peasant family. Soon after ensuring Lugo won the election, the peasants without land directly invade farmlands controlled by large corporations. At the same time pememerintahan day-old Lugo was immediately shaken by the capitalists, by hoarding fuel which resulted in vital goods disappeared from the market. Medications also disappeared from the shelves of pharmacies. This could lead to a crisis.

source: AP / AFP / Reuters

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