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Strange Behavior of the President of Indonesia

Strange Behavior of the President of Indonesia

President Clever That Never Wanna Lose
Despite long been part of the Soeharto era and assume Soeharto teacher and his father is, but Habibie leadership style far contrary to those who respect it. Muladi, former Justice Minister said that during the New Order, Soeharto led cabinet meeting always takes place in a tense atmosphere.
The ministers feared hands volunteered to speak. While at times Habibie, the minister raised his hand to scramble it. Muladi describe, susana cabinet meeting as a seminar: boisterous, hot, sometimes RBM RBM-table like he fights.

Habibie himself a stimulating atmosphere like that because he was argumentative. The more he debated getting excited. Because of all the ministers could talk and debate opened as wide as possible before a decision is taken, the cabinet meeting could take place until late at night.

Habibie, according to a extrovert. Communication style full of spontaneity, bubbling, quick to react, without even thinking about the risks. When Habibie in emotional situations, he tends to act or make decisions quickly. As if he lost the patience to lose his temper. Act quickly, apparently, one of the solutions to reduce tensinya.

This characteristic is illustrated by the story of the loss of East Timor from Indonesia.

Everyone was surprised, especially late Ali Alatas, who was then serving as Secretary of State, when Habibie suddenly announce to the international community on grant to the people of East Timor: Indonesia still join or secede as an independent state.

Ringleader of the major decisions is a letter Astralia Prime Minister at the time, John Howard, who directed the Habibie in December 1998. According to Juwono Soedarsono, Habibie angry Howard read the contents of the letter were asked Indonesia to consider the political rights of the people of East Timor to declare self-determination.

Habibie felt the letter was like a challenge and criticism of the government of Indonesia. Because the nature of Habibie has not to be outdone by anyone then rose spontaneously answered the challenge.

In a cabinet meeting January 27, 1999 the policy of this option is questioned by Hendropriyono who was then serving as Minister of Transmigration. "If the plebiscite defeat, how? Who is responsible? It's will be an exodus, the exodus of the migrants who had 25 years there. Who's in charge? "Cecar Hendro as written in the book.

Habibie swiftly replied, "I am responsible."
Fahmi Idris, Minister of Labor, immediately replied, "What responsibility, the President?" Habibie's face looked red. A minister from the Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI) and then mediate the situation this summer.

Gus Dur
Sleep When meeting with Prime Minister Korea

Once upon a time, in the era of Gus Dur, Admiral Sukardi (Minister of State Bureau of The country) to participate in a state visit to Europe and Asia. The President is very tight schedule so make stoned. The members of the troupe were incredible fatigue.
In Seoul, Wahid received a courtesy call from the Prime Minister of Korea. The two leaders sat side by side. Korean Prime Minister spoke sentence by sentence translated by an interpreter. Apparently, because it is very tired and unattractive listen translations, Gus Dur was asleep.

In one part, PM Korea said, "Mr. President, we have an excelent nuclear technology for power plants. If you are interested, we would be happy to have it for you.
(Mr. President, we have a sophisticated nuclear technology for power generation. If you prefer, we can be working on it for you), "

The Korean government offers nuclear technology for power generation in Indonesia.

At that time, Gus Dur sleep soundly once. Finish the statement translated into English, Korean Prime Minister turned to Gus Dur waiting for an answer. However, there was no answer. Admiral quickly wake Gus Dur. "Gus ... Gus ... wake up! Gus ... he asked if we interested with the power plant technology that he has. "

Gus Dur as just woken from his sleep and not concentrate directly nyeplos, "My Minister ask about your nuclear technology ...! (I asked the Minister about the nuclear technology that you have), "

Admiral amused and shame. Members of the group were shy, do not dare look at the face of Korean PM. "We're all embarrassed. Red face us in the presence of Prime Minister of Korea, "said the Admiral.

Kicked off the table

Abdurrahman Wahid alias Gus Dur is the fourth president of Indonesia. His tenure was not long, only 21 months (October 20, 1999 - 23 July 2001). He was ousted by the People's Consultative Assembly led Amies Rais and Megawati replaced.

Despite the short span of his leadership in the history of Indonesia, but football terjangnya much controversy.

Elusive maneuvers. Her style is speak frankly backfired for himself. Gus Dur can not separate status as scholars and the President of the Republic of Indonesia. His status as scholars often even more pronounced than the Head of State.

As a result, political communication Gus Dur chaotic. As scholars Gus Dur is a person who is open to anyone, including open to any information that hissing him. Cilakanya, Gus Dur often just believe the whispers of people without ever again checked. Because this also whispers someone loses his golden career opportunities abroad.

Laksamana Sukardi, was then Minister of State for Bureau of State Property, said in the book, once called Gus Dur to the palace. Gus Dur convey, there is an Indonesian working overseas with an excellent reputation. She was young and smart. Gus Dur would like to find a position for the Admiral's.

"He's very clever. Then he would be drawn to New York. Kan, unfortunately that there are young people who are smart, cook work abroad. Please, deh, "said Gus Dur as quoted by Admiral.
Shortly after that day, the admiral turned back to Gus Dur. There is a vacant position as a director of Indosat. "Gus, remember this baseball people, young Gus Leave the other day to me? He is more suited in Indosat, Gus, "said the Admiral.

Gus Dur apparently been forgotten. After a long, suddenly he replied loudly, "I do not get it man!" 'Why, why, Gus? "Admiral aghast. "He's got a man's wife ran." Admiral shocked. The reason, he was sent out of the company he works, even asked to immediately exit because of an order of the President. And he was there in Indonesia. Admiral then asked the man facing the office.

"Man, why Gus Dur said you bring the wife run?" Said the Admiral. "By God, sir! I am still with my wife now, "the man replied.

Investigate a calibaration, was Gus Dur got a whisper from a certain person on this young man. And, whisper it not in fact true. Young man with a PhD is finally working in a private bank. Admiral felt sorry. How could I not! Her career in foreign companies that have been nice, but garagara a prompter fate was a mess.


Gus Dur also known as a highly emotional. When angry, he could pound the table and harsh words out of her mouth. One former minister who asked not to be named said, he never scolded badly.

The story is this:

There is a relative of Gus Dur in government. Let's call him XZ. Gus Dur never actually raised XZ. However, one of the leaders of government agencies as lifting XZ echelon 1. Perhaps, they think Gus Dur relatives raising his career would be better considering the proximity XZ with Gus Dur.

However, as the first echelon, XZ known to often "squeeze" a conglomerate of Chinese descent. The businessmen's got a kind of "help" but the rewards are enormous. The minister, namely AB, report the behavior to Gus Dur XZ. Gus Dur angry.

AB reviled as Abdurrahman Wahid did not believe AB reports. A few days later, AB was called Gus Dur to the palace. One meetings. Once entered into the study Abdurrahman Wahid AB saw bawl. She looks incredible grief stricken. Old Gus Dur can not talk, just cry and cry.

AB confused, not knowing what was going on Gus Dur. He tried to placate Gus Dur. "Gus, quiet, Gus. Relax, Gus! What's the problem? "He said as he dabbed and massaged her hands Gus Dur. A moment later, Gus Dur was trying to compose himself, before he spoke.

In essence, he admits the truth of the information about the behavior of XZ AB ever delivered. "I am ashamed! So embarrassed! Apparently, what you report to me was right all! Her cheeky! "Said Gus Dur. Since then, and for over a year, Gus Dur was never addressed XZ.


More Enthusiastic Talk About "Shopping"

Indonesian President Megawati was fifth. He could be called the President of Indonesia is most taciturn. Princess Bung Karno seems a fanatical follower of the old adage "Silence is Gold". However, Megawati's silence is often too much. He remained silent even when his country needs clarity.

To the extent that the (late) Ruslan Abdulgani, fighter 45, exclaimed, "Megawati speak as President!"

Once a day, while still serving as president, Megawati seemed to be talking for a long time with a minister at his official residence on Jl Teuku Umar, Jakarta. While the conversation took place, a close aide others waited anxiously.

The reason, he had to wait a long pass from the time appointed for the meeting. After talks with the minister Megawati, this aide asked the Minister. "Long so the heck are you talking. What the hell are addressed? "

"No no, Mas. We talk of other things that baseball has to do with the country! "Said the minister, grinning.

That Megawati. Based on the narrative Laksamana Sukardi, former state minister of State Owned Enterprises, when discussing with aides, more frequent minor problems such as cooking, plants, and shopping. Discussion of the subject can make a long discussion with Megawati.

But, if it is touched on the work or the state, the focus of power is very limited. Concentration insufficient to continually focus on the issues. This gives rise to the impression Megawati people who do not want to be bothered in the care of the state.

Former Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle pentiggi now resigned and founded the Reform Democratic Party, Roy BB Janis, the Megawati cabinet meeting usually more silent. Even if it's just a voice lift traffic controllers. If there are two ministers debated in the cabinet meeting, Megawati just watching, rarely giving his own opinion or mediate the two, although the debate has been on the level of 'hot'.

There is a fascinating story about his silence with cut Megawati. Towards the close of 2002 the actions of anti-government protests, mainly waged students, showed a high escalation. This action followed the government's policy to increase fuel prices and electricity tariffs. Amid uproar rally, beredarlah rumors that there are certain parties who deliberately provoking a series of protests.

As someone who was partly responsible for the stability of the government, Hendropriyono (Head of National Intelligence Agency), Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (Coordinating Minister for Political and Security), and Da'i Bachtiar (Chief of Police), apparently continues racked my brain to find out who is behind the actions this.

Then, in a cabinet meeting on January 20, 2003, came four names being touted as the party behind the demonstrations. They are General Wiranto, Fuad Bawazier, Sasono and Eros Djarot. About Fuad Bawazier, it is long known Rini Suwandi business partner who was then serving as Minister of Industry and Trade in the Megawati cabinet.

Their partnership took place well before Rini became minister. One day Meet Hendropriyono and Rini Suwandi at Megawati's residence on Jl Teuku Umar. Hendro rebuke Rini about Fuad lunge. Words Hendro slid straightforwardly. Rini was so painful rebuke that he cried while hugging Megawati.

What is the reaction of President? Megawati just smiled at the scene of a war of words between the two aides.


All the people understand, until this moment Megawati unwilling to meet with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of the ruling which is actually a former aide in the cabinet. In a state ceremony marking the anniversary of Indonesia's independence to-63, August 17, this year, Megawati was not present.

Believed to be because of the absence Yudhoyono as President.
In the eyes of Megawati, Susilo Bambang Yuhoyono (SBY) is no more a traitor, even a sadistic Brutus. This is all because of his "silent" SBY's running for president in the 2004 elections.

SBY considered not manly. Several times Megawati ask SBY whether to go forward in the 2004 elections. SBY diplomatically replied, "Have not thought about that, ma'am. I still concentration to the task as the Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security. "
However, Megawati and his camp put suspicion of SBY and his team. The clash ensued under the covers.

Revealed to the public that Megawati Yudhoyono isolate from cabinet meetings. Megawati attitude is advantageous because it SBY SBY appear in the media as victims of injustice Megawati.

March 12, 2004 Yudhoyono sent a letter of resignation from the cabinet. Two days later he flew to Banyuwangi, campaigned for the Democratic Party. In the second round of the 2004 SBY resounding win in the vote. Megawati sad and crying. Everyone knows, during the inauguration of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the House of Assembly on October 20, 2004 Megawati was not present, but a lot of people to persuade him to come close.
Everyone knows that morning Megawati did not even sit in front of the television, but busy gardening.

According to Roy BB Janis, rage and hatred Megawati's PDIP articulated in DPP meeting. "If someone else, Amien Rais President, President Wiranto, who am I to come. But, if this (SBY) I can not get, because he stabbed me from behind, "he said as quoted by Roy Megawati


Furthermore, what about the Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY)? SBY is the figure of a perfectionist. He always looks neat with a disordered speech. SBY certainly aware that he is a man of God endowed with a fairly handsome face. And he actually utilize his good looks every time performing in front of the press. As kegantengannya and dandy appearance is the main attraction that must be 'sold' to the public every time he appears.
"What to Wear-whether in a suit or batik-always qualified No.. 1 with colors, patterns, and sizes steady, reflecting the high taste of dress. When that he may be more appropriate given the title as the 'photo model' or 'actor' rather than a 'head'.

As a perfectionist, SBY always try to communicate with body language and verbal perfect. However, the style is often high-context, tend to revolve around, especially when he was not ready for decision.

Unfortunately, not many hidden things are revealed in the analysis of political communication style SBY. Maybe his aides no one has dared to speak openly because Mr. President is still in power.


From the book "From Soekarno To SBY:
Political intrigue and Lobby The Lords "by Prof. Dr. Tjipta Lesmana, MA.

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