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Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis

Ever wake up from sleep, but it's hard to move or scream? Relax, you're not being bullied delicate creatures. This scientific explanation!

GENESIS is often experienced since my high school days, even up to now (although the frequency is greatly reduced). When about to wake up from sleep or had just fallen asleep, I felt like something crushed. It makes me hard to get up or call for help.

Then, there was a little cold from toe spread throughout the body. To be able to wake up, the only way is to move the tip of the feet, hands or head end at full speed until the entire body can be moved back.

After that, I usually do not dare to sleep. Afraid I lost consciousness or the incident over and over again. Moreover, the time of the incident, I saw a shadow in the darkness.

I ever told me about this to my mother. He said squeezing my experience. And according to the beliefs of the parent, who is crushing the spirits. Ih, spooky huh! However, I am trying to find the logic of scientific explanation. This is the result

Sleep Paralysis

According to medical circumstances when people will be sleeping or waking up feeling shortness of breath such as strangulation, chest tightness, difficulty moving and hard body called sleep paralysis aka screaming sleep paralysis (because the body can not move and seemed paralyzed). Almost everyone has experienced it. At least once or twice in his life.

Sleep paralysis can happen to anyone, male or female. And the average age of the first time this sleep disorder is 14-17 years. Sleep paralysis aka squeezing can indeed take place in a matter of seconds to minutes. Interestingly, when squeezing occurs we often experience hallucinations, such as seeing a black shadow figure or around the bed. Not surprisingly, this phenomenon is also often associated with the occult.

In the Western world, a phenomenon often referred squeezing nightmare Inkubus or old hag by shadow form that appears. There is also a secret agent who thought he saw a foreign or alien. While in some medieval paintings, squeezing illustrated by figure demon occupying the chest of a woman to her fears and difficulty breathing.

Sleep Deprivation

According to Al Cheyne, researchers from the University of Waterloo, Canada, sleep paralysis, is a kind of hallucination due to malfunctions in the stage of sleep rapid eye movement (REM).

As a science, based on brain waves, sleep is divided into 4 stages. Stage it is the lightest stage of sleep (we are still semi-conscious), a deeper stage of sleep, the deepest sleep and REM stages. At this stage the dream happen.

When the condition of the body is too tired or lack of sleep, the brain waves are not supposed to follow the stages of sleep. So, from the waking state (while he was sleeping) to the lightest stage of sleep, and then immediately jump into a dream (REM).

When the brain is suddenly awakened from REM stage but the body is not, this is where sleep paralysis occurs. We are very aware of, but the body could not move. Plus the hallucinations appeared another figure that is actually a characteristic of the dream.

In addition, sleep paralysis can also be caused by something that can not be controlled. Consequently, there is stress and carried over into the dream. The work environment also affected. For example, you are working in shifts so that lack of sleep or have irregular sleep patterns.

Do not Think Paltry

Although common, this sleep disorder should be wary. Because sleep paralysis may be a sign of narcolepsy (sudden sleep attacks without signs of sleepiness), sleep apnea (snoring), anxiety, or depression.

If you frequently experience this sleep disorder, you should make notes on sleep patterns for a couple of weeks. This will help you determine the cause. Then, overcome by avoiding triggers. When the squeezing caused too tired, try to rest more.

Lack of sleep also should not be underestimated. If it is causing sleep paralysis, the condition means it's heavy. Immediate need for self-evaluation and inadequate sleep. Try to sleep 8-10 hours at the same hour every night.

Keep in mind also, SEEP paralysis usually occurs in people who sleep in the supine position (face up and almost in a state of almost sleep or waking from sleep). That is why, we need to frequently changing sleep position to reduce the risk of this sleep disorder.

Well, if the overlap with other symptoms, it's good to get to the doctor or a sleep specialist sleep laboratory for further examination. Usually the doctor will ask when the overlap begins and how long it has lasted. Note that you have created earlier will be very helpful when it went to the doctor.

Myths Sleep Paralysis In Different Countries

In Afro-American culture, this sleep disorder is called the devil riding your back ghost or ghosts are up someone's shoulder.
In Chinese culture, called gui ya shen aka ghost disorders that suppress the body.
In Mexican culture, known as el muerto subio me and believed to be the event that the spirits of the dead are attached to a person.
In the culture of Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, called pee umm, referring to the incident where someone slept and dreamed spirits hold or detain that person's body to stay in their nature.
In the culture of Iceland, called the mara. This is the ancient language Island. That is a ghost who occupied someone's chest at night, trying to make him short of breath and suffocation.
In cultures Tuki, called karabasan, believed to be a creature attacking people in times of sleep, pressing your chest and take a breath.
In Japanese culture, is called kanashibari, which literally means binding so that means someone bound by spirits.
In Vietnamese culture, called ma de a means controlled by Satan. Many Vietnamese people believe this disorder happens because the spirit pervades the body.
In cultures of Hungary, called lidercnyomas and associated with the word supernatural Boszorkany (witch). The word itself means pressing Boszorkany that this incident interpreted as pressure exerted on one's spirits in his sleep.
In the culture of Malta, this sleep disorder is considered as an attack by Haddiela (wife Hares), the god who haunt the nation Malta possessed by the person. And to avoid the attack Haddiela, one must put the objects of silverware or a knife under the pillow while sleeping.
In the culture of New Guinea, the phenomenon is called Suk Ninmyo. It is the sacred tree of life of the human spirit. This will take the sacred tree of the human spirit in the night so as not to disturb people during the day. However, often people whose spirits were eaten tree woke up and there was sleep paralysis.

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