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Revealed! The fall of UFOs in Russia in 1969

Revealed! The fall of UFOs in Russia in 1969

Many people already know about the Roswell 1947, an event that many people believed the UFO crash in the Roswell, New Mexico. And now, the secret information about the fall of UFOs in Russia in 1969 began to unfold.

Some time ago, a video called alien autopsy surfaced. In the tape called that alien autopsy from Roswell. But later it was revealed that the video is a brilliant piece of an artist named Ray Santilli. So when another autopsy footage emerged, the public more cautious response. Similarly, the tapes.

Image of Rachel McAdamsThe fall of UFOs in Russia in 1969 is a case stemming from the so-called "Secret KGB Files," a kind of his American X-FILES. Information on UFO's fall was called incompetent by a person who had smuggled this information out when the state of the Soviet Union broke up. It is said that information pennyelundup paid $ 10,000 to want to take it out of the archives of the KGB. This information was first shown to the public in the TNT TV show on 13 September 1998 under the title "The Secret UFO Files of the KGB". The event featured the video footage and photographs of the excavation UFO and alien autopsy on the body.

According to the secret files, the incident occurred in the city Sverdlovsky formerly the Soviet era called Yekaterinburg. First reported a loud crash in March 1969. Then the scene quickly secured by the Russian military, and one dead alien body found inside the plane. The plane and the rest of the alien body was immediately taken to a secret location. and the body was autopsied immediately. The process of excavation and autopsy photos are captured with a camera and a video camera. Process autopsy shows only part of the stomach and the arm of the corpse. Judging from the size of the stomach and arm, confirmed alien smallish.

The researchers are investigating video footage of excavation to find things that might confirm the authenticity of the recording. For example, a uniform officer who used exactly as used by military personnel in 1969. Trucks terihat in the recording is a model Circa 1950 ZIS151 models that had not been used by the military personnel. If the tape is a hoax or a scam, the fraudster will have trouble finding the truck as a means of deception. All the elements are visible in the natural looks like the movement of military personnel, timing and UFO film itself.

Several other documents even also confirmed the incident. A witness swore that the event actually occurred. And another piece of evidence that is, at autopsy footage, seen a personnel cap and gown wearing certain types of clothing which was a common medicine that year.

The room is used for autopsies looks reasonable without any meaningful decorations. 3 men aged between 20 and 30 years are conducting autopsies and a woman noted the autopsy process. The woman was identified as KGB stenographer OA Pshonikina named. Stomach and alien arm is placed on the table, and beside him there is documentation to support the autopsy process.

Yet somehow, many people are still doubting this story. During the Russian authorities did not disclose information, then this story would still be a mystery.


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