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Photo alien in a city park Chile

Photo alien in a city park Chile

Much of the evidence in the form of photos or videos have been put forward to prove the existence of aliens or Extra terestrials. Perhaps many are fake, but there may also be a original. This is a picture that should be seen.

Photos below taken by a professional photographer named Enrique Sepulvada in the city park in Chile on May 24, 2004. In the picture, seen a strange creature was crossing the road. He noticed the object when he downloads the images to your computer. Photo has been checked and confirmed not a hoax. Sites on the Internet began to discuss this photo and said creature is an alien caught on camera.

Image of Julianne HoughAccording to the researchers, if the photo is the result of photoshop trickery, it certainly makes a very talented because it will be very difficult to produce a hoax as shown in the photo. But one question still tickling my mind, if Enrique is a professional photographer, why the results jepretannya blurry? Hmm ...

see that little guy ..?


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