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Pee Wee Gaskins, gruesome killer in History

Pee Wee Gaskins, gruesome killer in History

Pee wee gaskins. yow hear a word you think is definitely a homage indie powerpop band. But did you know that the name of pee wee gaskins taken from the name of a gruesome killer of all time??

Donald henry pee wee gaskins. born on 13 March 1933 in the village florent. south carolina. He spent his childhood in school improvement. Gaskins adulthood smallish often the victims of torture in prison.

on youth gaskins is a poor and crime. often commit theft and other crimes until he was killed.

Gaskins commit his first murder when he first went to prison in 1953, when he slashed the throat of someone named Hazel Brazell. Gaskins admitted he committed the murder so that he gets a name among his fellow criminals. He was sentenced to 3 years for the murder. Gaskins escaped from prison after he hid in the back of the truck and fled to florida. where he became a traveling carnival employee. but he was again arrested, and was released in August 1961.

after his release he married. 2 years since his freedom he raped 12-year-old girl. He was arrested again in georgia for 8 years. gaskins released in november 1968. then he moved to the city of sumter and worked as construction laborers. in September 1969 he resumed the action. and commit murder renteean diasebut as COASTAL KILL

In november 1970 gaskins first serious murder: man he knew murdered for personal reasons. His first victim was his cousin, and friend. and many were killed in a serious kill her because they had insulted gaskins, harass, or to blackmail gaskins.ridak as coastal kill. gaskins kill the victim in this murder seriously with such a simple shot.

Gaskins was arrested on 14 november 1975, when a criminal associate named Walter Neeley who testified to the police that Gaskins had killed two young children. Neeley confessed to police that gaskins tells her that he killed several people on the list of missing persons during the last 5 years. and tell him where they were buried. in December 1975, the police led him to the place where he buried his victims. where police found eight bodies.

Gaskins was in trial on eight charges of murder on 24 May 1976. was found guilty on 28 May and received the death penalty. which is then converted to life in prison.

at 12 september 1982 she committed murder since he bears the title "the gruesome death in the United States" when they were in jail under high surveillance. dai was a massacre at the prison.

Gaskins hired to murder by Tony Cimo, son of Myrtyle Moon. Gaskins was assigned to kill Rudolph Tyner. Gaskins gave Tyner a radio that can communicate with a fellow prisoner (in the radio that there is a C4 bomb). Then gaskins told him to bring it to his ear radio Tyner, Tyner was instantly obeyed and Gaskins hit the trigger bombs. And Gaskins was killed.

At the end, Gaskins told the story of his life on a journalist named Wilton earlie. Gaskins confessed DO 100-110 MURDER. one of the victims even a child senate. who in his biography entitled "The Final Truth" gaskins wrote that he had a mind to kill a special permit.

On 6 September 1991 gaskins executed by electric chair. and his last words were "I let my lawyer talk to me. I'm ready to go"

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