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Original manuscript Supersemar

Original manuscript Supersemar

Supersemar manuscript was circulated from mailing lists and email. In this online version, Supersemar manuscript typed on letterhead paper of President of the Republic of Indonesia with rice and cotton logo on it.
In addition to the logo of rice and cotton, there are also eagle logo on the left side. At the end of the script was Indonesian President Sukarno's signature on March 11, 1966. Scripts are written in lama.Sejumlah spelling irregularities in the manuscript. For example, although using the old spelling, oddly Suharto and Sukarno's name written with the new spelling.

There are four dictum in the draft. The first dictum contains 'Given'. Secondly, Considering. Deciding Third and Ordered '. Inscribed finished fourth.

In 'Remembering', there are 2 things that delivered the first, given the current levels of the revolution as well as national and international political circumstances. Second, the Order of the Day of the Armed Forces Paglima / President / Commander of the Revolution on the March 8, 1966.

In 'Considering' also contains two things. First, the need for peace and stability of the government and the course of the Revolution. Second, the need for assurance and authority of the President / Supreme Commander / Leaders of the Revolution and all its teachings.

While the 'Go / Reign' reads to Lt. Gen. Suharto, Army Chief Minister. On behalf of the President / Supreme Commander / Leaders of the Revolution commanded three things.

One, take any action it deems necessary, to guarantee security and peace and stability in the course of administration and the course of the Revolution, and to guarantee the personal safety and authority of the head of the President / Supreme Commander / Leaders of the Revolution / Mandatory MPRS order to keuntuhan nation and state of Indonesia, and perform exactly the teachings of the Leader of the Revolution.

Two, coordinate execution of the order by the Commander-other force commander with the best. Third, in order to report on everything that has to do bersangkut-in duties and responsibilities as above.

In dictum The four just finished writing.


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