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number of poor people in Indonesia in 2012 and 2013 which reaches 96 million people

JAKARTA. Members of the House of Representatives Commission IX in charge of health and welfare problems, Poempida Hidayatulloh said the latest data from the National Team to Accelerate Poverty Reduction (TNP2K) under the coordination of the Vice President had to calculate the amount of increase in the number of poor people in Indonesia in 2012 and 2013 which reaches 96 million people.

This number has increased significantly from the previous year's data only reached 76.4 million people. With the increasing number of the number of poor people in Indonesia, then Commission IX of the House of Representatives have agreed to increase the amount budgeted figures Community Health Insurance (Assurance) for a total of 96 million inhabitants.

That way, people will not be able to get health insurance for free at government hospitals. "Yesterday we had already agreed upon in the analysis and discussion of the number of poor people who will be covered by the government in 2013 was 96 million people," said Poempida in the Parliament Building, Jakarta, Thursday (17/1).

Golkar Party politician explains, since 2008 and the number of poor people is increasing. But according Poempida, this data is not disclosed to the public due to an act or default broken promises made by the current administration that claims to reduce the number of poor people.

In this case, assessing Poempida government less transparent in the matter of recognition of the additional number of poor people. Because, until last year 2012 by the Ministry of Health data showed there were only 76.4 million poor people who are entitled to Jamkesmas but should have reached 96 million people, according to data TNP2K.

"The number of poor people in 2012 reached 76 million people. Period from 2008 to 2012 the same figure unchanged 76.4 million people. Bizarre. Government to cover up its weaknesses and just wanted to show a fine, "Poempida said.

In addition, according to Poempida, no courage of the Ministry of Health to ask for additional budget to fund the health facilities for the poor. "After the 2009 election and look at the issues more deeply, it turns out the key is the number of poor people has not increased. Fact, if there would be a number of poor people, we will also request addition to the poor health facilities. And believe me, the budget is still less actually," Poempida said.

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