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Mystery of Black Death in Europe

Mystery of Black Death in Europe

The events that have brought disorder to mainland Europe around the year 1347 and 1351. Black Death is a disease of epidemic outbreaks of PES and pneumonia. Black death that occurred in the 1300's it was probably the worst disaster to ever befall human civilization on earth.

Spread throughout the world, at least the black death killed about 40 million people, including 25 million people in Eropa.faktanya, black death killed one out of every four Europeans in just four years ...

It is said that this disease originated from China, and then transmitted to the Europeans when a Kipchak (Mongols) invaded a crowd by throwing an infected corpse into the trade center in the Crimea. Then they will plague reached Genoa in 1347, and then spread to the west and north, reaching London and Paris in 1348.

Outbreaks TSB may be taken first by rat fleas can also live in manusia.Hal was later turned into a plague pneumonia that spread through coughing and sneezing. After the outbreak of black death, the field is filled with mayat2, homes, villages and cities become desolate and empty. After that there was a scarcity of labor so that wages are rising and many slaves gain their freedom.

It is said that thousands of human skeletons which are used as basic building construction Evora Chapel in Portugal it is the frame of the black death plague victims malignancy. image below.


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