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Here's 25 richest people with a fortune in Indonesia and sources:

Here's 25 richest people with a fortune in Indonesia and sources:

1. R Budi Hartono

Net worth: $ 8.5 billion
Sources: banking, cigarette

2. Michael Hartono

Net worth: $ 8.2 billion
Sources: banking, cigarette

Budi Hartono and his brother Michael have control on one of Indonesia's largest private bank, namely Bank Central Asia. In addition to the bank, the family also has shown interest in the information technology industry in Indonesia.

YoonA-KebayaCall, Kaskus, Global Ventures Prima Digital, and Internet shopping sites, and

3.Sri Pakash Lohia

Net worth: $ 3.4 billion
Sources: polyester

Company Sri Prakash Lohia, Indorama Ventures, became the largest supplier of polyethylene terephthalate resins (PET) in the world.

In February 2012, Indorama bought chemicals division of the U.S. company, Old World Industries Inc.. Indorama also has business units in Nigeria are very favorable.

4. Chairul

Net worth: $ 3.4 billion
Sources: various

Chairul fortune came from the media industry through konglomerasinya, CT Corporation.

Trans Corp has a medium, such as and Trans TV. He also controls the retail business, Carrefour Indonesia and a number of luxury brands such as Giorgio Armani, Jimmy Choo, and Valentino.

5. Tanoto
Net worth: $ 2.8 billion
Sources: various

At age 17 Tanoto started working in the family business, selling spare parts for oil and gas companies.

As the oldest child in his family he took over the business and then expand to build a gas pipeline to multinationals, especially lucrative business during the oil crisis of 1972.

Own Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) has a palm oil company Asian Agri. Then the paper manufacturer Asia Pacific Resources International Ltd, and others.

6. Peter Sondakh

Net worth: $ 2.5 billion
Sources: Investment

Peter Sondakh success through Rajawali Group. His efforts bergerakdi mining, plantations, hotels and transportation services. In November 2012, grupm effort poured U.S. $ 50 million to increase its stake in Indo Mines, a company that traded in Australia and supply of iron concentrate to Asia.

The group also has a stake in the consortium Bukit Asam Transpacific Railway. Moreover, those shares in the company cab Express.

7. Martua Sitorus

Net worth: $ 2 billion
Sources: Crude palm oil (CPO)

Martua Sitorus is co-founder and CEO of Wilmar International, the plantation and processing crude palm oil (CPO) in the world and the eighth largest producer of sugar.

The group gets almost half its revenue from China through the company's Jin Long Yu, or Golden Dragon Fish.

He became the founder of Wilmar with Kuok Khoon Hong, a nephew of Malaysia's richest man, Robert Kuok. Sitorus and Kuok Khoon Hong also has a London skyscraper Aviva Tower.

8. Pure

Net worth: $ 2 billion
Sources: various

Tahir, started its business in the Bank Mayapada. In addition to banks, most of his wealth from ownership of real estate as well.

He has a few buildings in Jakarta, Bali and Batam hotels, and a new tower in Singapore.

9. Low Tuck Kwong
Net worth: $ 1.7 billion
Sources: Coal

Low Tuck Kwong net worth fell $ 1.9 billion last year due to falling coal prices also affected the stock in his company's coal mines, Bayan Resources.

Born in Singapore, Low worked for his father's construction company at the age of 20 and moved to Indonesia in 1972.

10. Theodore Rachmart

Net worth: $ 1.7 billion
Source: coal

Theodore Rachmat are a business owner CPO, Triputra Agro Persada, with another billionaire, Benny Subianto. The company plans to increase the known area of ​​about two-thirds of the current 2015.

Theodore also invest in coal company Adaro Energy. (Nur)

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