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Football Players Who Have Talent Sideline

Football Players Who Have Talent Sideline

1.Javier Hernandez
Club: Manchester United
Talent Unexpressed: Business Administration
While still living in Guadalajara, Mexico's striker majored in business administration at the University of Valle de Atemajac.

Drogba 2.Didier
Clubs: Shanghai Shenhua
Talent Unexpressed: Accounting
Before becoming a star field as it is today, Didier Drogba could explore the science of accounting in college in his native Ivory Coast. Whether he passed or not, which certainly can not be Drogba set its own financial difficulties.

3.Andrei Arshavin
Club: Arsenal
Talent Unexpressed: Designer Clothing
Russian national team player who defends Arsenal proved to have a sharp sense of fashion. He studied fashion while still young and fashion design diploma bagging. Shava even wrote thesis on sportswear manufacturing process.

4.Daniel Agger
Club: Liverpool
Talent Unexpressed: Tattoo Artist
Daniel Agger is one of football star tattoo enthusiasts. He even studied the art of drawing on this body and become a tattooist who is qualified. When Liverpool to compete with Manchester United for the title in 2008-09, Agger has promised to tattoo the whole body of his team-mates when Liverpool won. But eventually the intention was not realized, because Liverpool is only able to be in the second position.

5.Stewart Downing
Club: Liverpool
Unexpressed Talent: DJ
Many know that Jonathan Woodgate and Djibril Cisse fun hobby air DJ at leisure. But who would have thought Stewart Downing is also adept at playing vinyl records? Downing even once said he used to be a DJ at renowned clubs in Ibiza. But Liverpool winger admits that being a DJ playing him more nervous than the ball. "I like to play the kind of music Funky House. Actually I want more often act as a DJ, "he said.

6.Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Club: Paris Saint-Germain
Unexpressed Talent: Taekwondo Athletes
Maybe this is the reason behind the trend Ibra kick colleagues and opponents on the field so far. He turned out to be a black belt taekwondo at the age of 17.

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