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Five Indonesian President Ever Cheated

Five Indonesian President Ever Cheated

Some scientists assess President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) 'cheated' in the case of blue energy (blue energy). A man from Nganjuk, Joko Suprapto, claim to be able to produce crude oil from the water. From the source of the oil could be produced fuel kerosene to jet fuel class.

President believes that Indonesia's contribution to the world, amid increasing oil prices skyrocketing. Meanwhile, the dizzy constrained by the impact of the increase. Erratic course, a number of parties, including scientists, regrets not valid information can be received by SBY. Reportedly Joko now reported to the police.

Fraudsters 'entered the Palace' apparently has a long history. Let us begin in the 1950's, during the government of President Soekarno. There was someone who claimed King Kubu - tribal children in Jambi. No half-hearted, he gave himself the title King and his wife Queen K. Markonah.

Couple 'husband and wife', somehow the process, get press coverage, including photos of the two. Thus, a number of state officials to honor extraordinary 'king' and 'queen' is.

Apparently there was an official who called President Sukarno and then introduce it. At the Palace, 'husband and wife' is actually a rickshaw puller and hooker that was received as a guest of honor at the Presidential Palace. They were also given money, stay and eat free at the luxury hotels. Including visiting Yogyakarta and Surakarta.

Mask their fraud was exposed when a walk in Jakarta. There was a rickshaw driver who recognized the 'King' Idrus, friends his profession in Tegal. Being the 'maharani' also revealed lower-class work as prostitutes in the same city. That said, the two met at a coffee shop in Tegal. Then agreed to carry out the fraud action. Privileged Markomah always wear sunglasses day and night. Apparently one eye picek.

During the Soeharto era, in the era of the 1970s, also occurs cheater big fish. Fona swindler named Cut Zahara, from Aceh. Although not complete primary school, he had a genius idea. He, who always wore a batik cloth, claiming that the fetus can talk and chanting diperutnya.

Erratic course, the news was alarming the public, let alone been widely reported in newspapers and magazines. It is said that a daily circulation of capital terdongkrat up, because every day to make news about 'miracle baby' on the tummy Cut Zahara.

Many people who were willing to come to eavesdrop on her belly covered with cloth to hear 'miracle baby' was talking or chanting. Not only rakayat always, there are also officials believe. Including Vice President Adam Malik were invited to the Palace Cut Zahara Vice President. In fact, the Minister of Religious KH Mohamad Dachlan include people who believe in it. To believe in it, he said that Imam Syafi'ie for three years in his mother's womb.

Cut Zahara and her husband Fona Sekdalopbang been introduced by Secretary (Development Control) Bardosono to President Soeharto and Ibu Tien Soeharto. The introduction is done in Kemayoran Airport after they arrived from overseas trip. But apparently Ms. Tien include people who are less sure of the 'baby Zahara Cut ajaib' his Fona. Moreover, women in Aceh was refused when they wanted to be checked in the hospital.

That said, Ms. Tienlah who searched and found that speech and recite it only comes from a small tape recorder that is inserted in the abdomen Cut Zahara. That time is not yet widely Cut-owned small voice recorder.

Although his cover blown, 'miracle baby' is not only the attention of Indonesian society, but also internationally. Until there is a request from Pakistan to Cut and her husband visited there. In fact, some predict 'miracle baby' it, if the birth will be Imam Mahdi.

Having not heard the case of the Palace under President BJ Habibie, who was short of his term, under President Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) return fraud that links the Presidential Palace. The culprit is Soewondo, which is in and out of the Palace as a masseuse so Gus Dur.

People who are considered 'close' to the number one in Indonesia managed to deceive Foundation Employees Welfare Fund (Yanatera) Logistics Agency (Bulog) and accused of breaking into foundation money to $ 35 billion. Soewondo had escaped, but was later arrested by police in Puncak, West Java. The court sentenced him to 3.5 years in prison.

The case had seized the attention of the audience and become the ultimate weapon for political opponents Gus Dur, who denied having ordered the search fund. However, eventually Gus Dur also stepped down from his post because of the case known as the Buloggate.

At the time of President Megawati, scandal 'fraud' re going. This time it is the Minister of Religious Affairs tricked Kiai Said Agil Almunawar. Minister who holds a professor and hafidz Qur'an leads the excavation site in Bogor Batutulis believed harbored treasure whose value can be to pay the entire debt.

According to Said Agil, President Megawati knowing excavation plan of the historic sites that supposedly Pajajaran kingdom's heritage. Unfortunately, only sought treasure pepesan empty. Said Agil itself is still being held in the case of alleged Hajj corruption money.

I hope the residents of the Palace became a symbol of the pride of the nation, the state and the people of Indonesia, it is no longer a victim


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